Thursday, 17 January 2013

Snowy owls

It's been twenty days and two long years since you winged your way past me (sorry Sinead) but tonight finally a Barn Owl hunting en patch. Not one seen in 2011 or 2012 after the Prestwick pair met their demise in the harsh winter of 2010/11. The snowy ghost flew wide hunting circles around the area not concentrating on any one field like the Short eared Owls.
I took a few shots but as you can see they were all distant and noisy exposures but who cares....Barnie is back. Eventually it seemed to kill as did a nearby Kestrel who took the prey up into a tree. A few moments later the yackering call of the Kestrel as the Barn Owl tried to pinch the meal. I normally find  its the other way round as I have seen at Cresswell and this study in America suggests with Shorties. Anyway, I was happy and reflecting on the six months spent last year watching many owls without one Barn Owl and then, on the way back.
A shot I know many waited for but never got. A Short eared Owl finally on that wretched trailer in front of the gate. It don't rain but it snows.

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  1. Great news Peter, now if I can drop off a map pointing to Big Waters can you give it to the Barnie next time your paths cross.