Saturday, 19 January 2013

Same bird?

Typical. I get the Christmas card shot a month too late. That's why none of you got one! I'm sure this is the same bird that was taking food from the hand two years ago. When I approached it instantly flew into the tree next top me about six foot from my face and gave me that look. As I took the shot he flew toward me as if to land but returned to the branch. Unfortunately all I had was the remnants of a Pork Pie (don't ask) so he got some nice fatty pastry crust but didn't seem that keen. Now my pockets are charged with suet treats every time I wander down but fear that a routine would mean the bird relying on visits.
The initial joy of seeing a Barn Owl has faded with the continued snowfall and now I fear it will go the same way as those before although most birds seem to be finding food at the moment.
On Wednesday the ditches were alive with Wrens on the ice and this one popped up in the sun to look for bugs on a gate post.
Previous to this I had flushed a Snipe from the ditch side and unusuallly it dropped back into the ditch 70 yards further on rather than heading skyward suggesting it may have been a Jack Snipe but I couldn't re-locate it for proof.
Looking through the days shots I enlarged this as the bird had appeared to regurgitate feed but no vole to be seen although spy the leg. Looks like a ring to me. Possibly one of the birds ringed by Ade early last year or the return of the bird I first blogged for 'a landing post' on 23rd November 2011.

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