Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Gets on your....

Blogger still refuses to let me access my computer to insert photos so after deleting, disabling and abusing I found a way round by using my Picasa web album. I also got a shock in that all the pictures I've posted over the years are stored there which I didn't realise was happening although I should have assumed so. I don't use Sky drive in business despite the benefits of back up copies in that I don't want personal stuff floating about there in the Ether but I guess it's out there already.


  1. Yeah I discovered that picasa album a year or so ago, didn't realise it was linked directly to the blog and just deleted it ! All of the images instantly disappeared from every previous blog posts and all were irretrievable...... oooops !

  2. Peter,

    the uploading thing happened to me about a year ago and I was stuck for a couple of days until I noticed an email from Google saying I had gone over my "free limit". I then signed up ($5) for a 26gb account then renewed it again a few weeks ago for £3ish.


  3. You do, I assume, keep 'local' copies of all your work? (Congratulations on 2012 by-the-way, some lovely studies.)

    Personal details. Too many are innocents led to the slaughter when it comes to basic protection on the net. By all means hide behind a screen name and don't reveal age and address. Vagueness is better than nothing but nothing is best.

  4. yes I looked into this also in reality its only the ones you have uploaded to your blog (and web album) thats how they are retrieved for the public to view ? is how I understood it . There is a sync to web album setting which would send everything in Picassa to web album. It's very good and easy to use but does have drawbacks.