Thursday, 3 January 2013

Old favourites return

Having got back into the work ethic this morning by lunchtime my enthusiasm had dwindled to say the least so I headed out in the hope of something interesting in the gloom that passes for daylight at the moment. I was rewarded by a big bird passing through but better still on the fence line near where they last bred in 2008, a pair of Stonechats. These splendid little birds were virtually wiped out as an inland bird by the two severe winters in a row so hopefully given the warmer weather remaining, we may see the return to their former inland breeding grounds.
Not the greatest picture but male Stonechat all the same. Mike H and I spent some time searching for big bird without luck but Mike did spot two Short-eared Owls. Unfortunately I had told two visiting birders earlier in the afternoon that none had returned and then two show up at once to contradict me. It's nice to be wrong especially when one plays the angel on top of a Christmas tree.


  1. Sorry Peter,
    Had to put sighting on here.
    Mum was going to be the word anyway.

  2. I presume this means that there wont be much parking space on "Seasame Street" now :(