Sunday, 6 January 2013


So. Blogger refuses to let me upload photos which I suppose saves you the pain and is probably appropriate for this is an olfactory post.
For those of you who read the title too quickly, fear not fair maidens for I have not re-married and am still available, nor gentlemen am I to further expose that rather overly endowed American lady who spends an unfair amount of time pleasuring her man. (I fear nearly all of my readers fall into those interested by the latter category). I digress.
Stepping out of the door this morning I was hit by a somewhat stagnant odour similar to that produced by land fill or slurry but not as sweet. I suspected one of the local farmers had moved an unusual amount of the brown stuff but the smell seemed to pervade the whole area. The walk was uneventful recording no new species for the year list currently standing at 55 but it was suggested to me that the lack of wind and warm temperature combined with falling water levels exposing rotting vegetation on the Carr may well be the cause of this methane malaise. As I put the bins out tonight the general smell of the area was almost equal to that of the bins and things can only get worse. Water levels are still very high and with at least two feet to fall a hot March like last year would really be a gas.

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