Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Set fare

The spell of harsh weather forced many of the birds on the Carr to drop their normal cautious nature and allow closer approach. This first pictured was one of ten to twenty birds finishing off the last of the Hawthorn berries.
Although I've always found that Fieldfare are much more gregarious when they are on the ground and will wander up to you, perhaps distracted by all that listening for movement in the earth below. These latter pictures were taken from my hide (car) at Cambois (Cammis) as the bird hunted for worms on a roadside verge.
My presence didn't exactly go without notice though. A cold Scandinavian stare to go with the cold Scandinavian weather we've had of late. Perhaps it's because the hide is bright (if it were clean) blue.
It's always nice to see the full range of colours in the bird given the benefits of a bit of sunlight.

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