Friday, 3 June 2011

Banding together

2nd June and the sun was out so it was straight up to Bellasis in my lunch break to see what it had encouraged to emerge and sure enough the Banded Demoiselles were putting on a show.

Two flying males were occasionally joined by two females and then eventually I got a group photo as they perched next to a favoured feeding spot.

Then it became obvious there was more than feeding on their minds as a male displayed to a perched female.

One of his favoured tricks which I had never seen before was to land on the water and float by as she flew overhead. Is this the Bandy showing off? Anyway it seemed to work as a minute or so later some bonding took place in the still wind blown reeds.

Then off in a flurry of blue to start the whole process over again.


  1. Lovely pictures, Peter. I must go this next week and try to see them. There was a film on Springwatch last night showing them hatched.

  2. Nice pics Peter. Have been looking for them over the last two weeks and a couple of days ago without luck but shall give them a visit today