Thursday, 16 June 2011

Buff in the kitchen

No not the naked chef but a Buff Ermine that has spent the day on my kitchen wall. Yesterday had a meeting at Acklington so took the advantage to return via the coast. Whilst chatting to TC on the path to the Budge screen at Druridge we saw this moth with long antennae which I tentatively suggest is male Adela croesella. (actually Nemophora degeerella. thanks Rob and Tim)

The reason I say tentatively is that I'm crap at moth ID. I've recently taken to photographing all bugs and creatures on my patch and now I have a library of pictures that need an ID. Why did I make this rod for my back I ask myself.

Slightly better at birds although this wet House Martin at Hauxley could have been tricky if it hadn't spent the previous ten minutes preening.

Spent a pleasant ten minutes watching this beauty with BG and his good lady then a further half hour trying to find a rare Tern in amongst the throng on the North Pool. 2nd summer Little Gull was the best I could manage.

One birder I met later said the farmer had been cutting grass the previous day and the bird had been following the tractor! What a photo opportunity missed as was that related by the Trust Warden who described the same bird struggling to carry a rabbit.


  1. In local woods I met a moth with very long antennae looking similar to your first photo and reckoned it was Nemophora degeerella.

  2. Yes, well I said I was crap at moth ID but there are those that will correct me for which I am very grateful.

  3. Moth is Nemophora degeerella. There's a website for the moths of Northumberland -