Friday, 10 June 2011

Green day

Look who pitched up in my garden this morning. The Ponteland Parakeet on tour in Dinnington. It headed off east so watch out Big Waters specialisters. Nice addition to the garden list joining Budgerigar on the exotics!

Can you spot the bobby dazzler? After unsuccesfully chasing Spotted Flycatcher and Yellow Wagtail around Whittle Dene yesterday afternoon I returned to Prestwick Carr and ventured up the range bridleway. Not much doing other than Bill and numerous Swallows getting out of the wind behind the hedges. Then as I returned a flash, or should it be a start, and there he was collecting insects off the ground and returning to the hedge where joy of joys young were calling. I managed to get sight of the pair but couldn't count the young as the family kept a healthy twenty yard distance away.

One shot before they disappeared up the field hedge line to the west. The adult was actually in the tree above this juvenile but wouldn't come down and oblige my lens so eventually the youngster flew up and away with Dad.

On benefit of young birds being around is that Whitethroat are now easier photographic targets as they face you off.

Of course the sun always disappears when you get a good opportunity and shooting on settings previously set up for speeding Swallows didn't help.

But then I wouldn't have got this which when I took it was a sitting bird. Shame the quality is so low. Anybody want to give me a Mk1.4 with a super dooper lens?

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