Sunday, 5 June 2011

What a Lark

Had to work Saturday morning but managed to wangle a trip down the A19 and hence only a quick diversion to Blackhall Rocks for the Surf Scoter. Greyness and an east wind only served to increase the depression started by driving through Easington and Horden. The raft of Scoters was there as plain as day and the search began. Maybe I'm not a twitcher as I got little excitement when I eventually found the little begger and that was compounded by having to re-find it every five minutes or so as it disappeared in the swell or the whole raft dived. I explained to some curious locals what we nutters with scopes were doing and the why the bird was special but couldn't get excited about this lifer. Some even took to praying.

I found the aerobatics of the Fulmars more interesting and returned with a lot of grey photos although a grey photo can be cute.

Until I explain this is the last of eight I saw last week at Hauxley when observing the Terek Sandpiper. Now that was a pleasant twitch. Maybe I'm not cut out for seawatching. I know there are people standing at Newbiggin as I type who are delighted they've just seen a dot on the horizon, oh sorry ........Long tailed Skua.

Did my BBS this morning where singing Tree Pipit, Cuckoo and Redstart were a pleasure then returned home via the coast picking up Little Gull at East Chevington to find these two had emerged from their nest in my pine trees. Perhaps that means I'll not get my 4.00am wake up call this week.

Or perhaps I could employ the Lark to gently serenade me rather than scold me for disturbing her from the nest.

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