Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tasty damsel

Up at 5.00am for my webs count on the Tyne which was less than spectacular although very pleasant in the early morning sun. Most birds are still away breeding so only a handful of Redshank, and Curlew but nice to see Ringed Plover and Oystercatcher up river. The Shelducks now have young with two broods of seven and one of five. Plenty of Lesser Black Back Gulls and nice to see the Common Terns are back.

Once completed at the 7.30 I picked up the papers and headed up to Banks Pond where the Canada Goose still has five rapidly growing youngsters although her mate hasn't been around for weeks now. Female Mallard with three young, Moorhen and Oystercatcher but no sign of the Little Grebe this year which is a shame as they've bred there for the previous three years.

This splendid female Reed Bunting very kindly posed in all positions before heading off to her nest with the damsel breakfast.

Then up to Bellasis where it was heaving with cyclists so headed up to check for Quail at the top of the hill. Straight out of the car and a bird was singing in a Barley field just yards up the road. This spot has been a favourite for the last few years although last year was poor probably due to the amount of rape planted. This year there is only one field of Barley and that's where they are and quite close to the road at that.

Sorry about the background noise. I forgot to turn off the image stabiliser. All this kit and no clue how to use it!

Meanwhile at Prestwick Carr this turned up early on Saturday morning ending months of speculation regarding the purpose of the works being carried out by the Wildlife Trust. I had been betting on a viewing platform but now its access all areas.

Not sure what they're expecting down the bumpy road but I think the army could drive a tank over that. The locals probably will!

Shame the operatives couldn't show an example and take their crap home which has been lying for two weeks now.

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  1. It will be essential to place serious obstacles to motor vehicles if the bridge isn't simply to be a conduit for fly tippers.

    Agree with comments about plastic rubbish; but just see at the amount farmers leave about the place.

    Very nice recording of Quail. Congratulations.