Thursday, 30 June 2011

Winging it

I was up at Whittle Dene the other day drinking in the peace and quiet and trying to get some shots of Swallows in the sunlight. Then a I started as a loud mew was heard and looked up to see a Buzzard hovered menacingtly above me.

Then some man made interruption as the 'mushroom' climbed out westward whilst doing circuits around the airport. No peace for the wicked I thought.

So I headed for the hide where not much was doing. Four Common Terns seemed very dozy on their raft and no sign of youngsters. I checked the diary which is more like vistors book for people walking the Wall some of whom had obviously taken advantage of the hide for overnight or rainstorm shelter. As I hunted the book for the pen normally trapped amongst the pages I found this moth in the year diary at the back. I've searched the moth site for Calendar or Diary Moth but no joy. Good job I hadn't slammed the book shut! It started to awake and after a minute or so disappeared up behind one of the wall posters.

The main activity was a Sedge Warbler feeding a number of young distributed in the field next to the hide. There were plenty of flies and moths so I think they were being well catered for.

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  1. That's a wonderful photo of the Swallow catching its reflection in the water.