Monday, 27 June 2011

Lesser & Four Spot

Having checked Banks Pond for Dragonflies just about daily for the last two weeks without success todays searing heat finally brought out three male Four Spotted Chasers. Looking at the damage to the wings of this one he's not exactly a youngster himself. Mesmerising to watch and a challenge when in flight. No Emperors yet but I live in hope.

Also singing nearby was this Lesser Whitethroat. This territory has been held for a number of years on the junction of Prestwick Carr Road and Horton Grange Road and I have always wondered why the bird prefers this fairly busy spot when there are many other quieter locations nearby.

Also on the wing numerous Bluetail and Bluet Damsels, more Meadow Browns than could be counted and a few Ringlets. Nice..................

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  1. Interesting to see how the dragonfly flies with undercarriage retracted.