Saturday, 25 June 2011

Newburn Friday

After a mornings work the sun was out so the weekend started early and I headed down to the Tyne at Newburn to see what was about. Started at the Reeth Pond which unfortunately was Dragonflyless with only a couple of Blue Damsels putting on a show. Plenty of young Mallards and the Kingfisher did its usual flypast as I was caught behind the trees. Despite waiting fifteen minutes it didn't return. Sad to see the vandals have demolished one of the fishing platforms but nice to find a young Robin being fed by its parent in the undergrowth.

A questioning look from the parent as I passed by back to Blayney Row where two young Blackcaps flew up from the pathside vegetation. Young birds are nice when they are so inquisitive and a blessing for the photographer even in dim light. One of the youngsters seems to have some blood around its beak but hopefully nothing serious.

Then a walk up the banks of the Tyne halfway to Wylam. The tide was falling and the rocks becoming exposed for various Gulls (all five common species present) to languish the afternoon away along with Mallard, Heron and Cormorant. No Goosander which is unusual for this location but a good twenty -thirty Sand Martins chasing in family groups near their colony perilously built in the one sand bank that is collapsing. Must be the softer sand is their preferrence.

On the return a Ringlet fluttered down onto a nearby flower. One of only three butterflies seen the others being Small White and Meadow Brown. Also a moth was disturbed as I returned over grassland to the car but then landed for the photo. Dare I suggest (after not so diligent research) Shaded Broad Bar.

I can almost feel the incoming comments to correct me.

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