Saturday, 18 June 2011

Big and small

I had to venture south of the Tyne yesterday and after appointments in Hebburn and Shields I headed for Marsden Bay where the Kittiwakes looked like they were having a good seaon many pairs with chicks.

A few Fulmars drifted past but I could only see a couple of nests. Plenty of young Cormorants and nesting Herring Gulls on top of the stacks and a few Razorbills lower down. This has always puzzled me as this bird is easy to find here but just three miles up the coast you hardly see a bird and its like that till the Farnes.

Ended up at Prestwick Carr of course and was astonished to have about 20 calling Crossbills fly west over me which I was beginning to question my call ID until I saw Richard Dunns blog which confirmed the fact. Got some decent Whitethroat shots but this little critter captured my attention.

No idea which fly it is but I love the colour and when the light catches it right the sun shines out of, no just a reflection.

On a different thread here's some bobbins for you

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