Friday, 16 September 2011

Bonus bird

No sooner had I mentioned to ADMc last night that given the time I had spent on patch recently I was surprised I hadn't picked up anything else of note as if flocks of Shorteared Owls weren't satisfying enough. Dick then called me to look at an Owl he had found perched deep inside a bush. Dark striped markings, ear tufts and after a short wait ...........yes orange eyes. Come in No 101 on Prestwick Carr 2011 list, a Longeared Owl. All credit to City Birder for this wonderful find. My shot does less than justice but keep an eye out on Northumbrian Birding as I saw some nice digiscoped images.

As well as an Owl fest there was a bit of a Blogger jam on the bumpy road which a few cyclists that passed through had to evade. In addition to the two previously mentioned, Crammy Birder and Holywell Birding were also in attendance along with a few photographers, bird club members and passing locals. I am thinking about selling refreshments but more useful is fly repellant.

One of the target (for Owls that is) critters was spotted on the road. Had probably been grabbed already as it didn't appear to be aware of the feet, bicycle wheels, tripods and terrier that could have ended its suffering at any moment. I conclude given the hooter Common Shrew but I stand ready to be enlightened.

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  1. I would say that was a shrewd guess !!!got to sort my photos out still but Off Seawatching now.