Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Putting some gloss ontit

Walking back to Prestwick to collect my car I passed through the throng at the flagpole who were down on the fact the Longeared Owl wasn't showing. Hardly suprising as its been there five days and tolerated numerous faces staring at it. Probably needed a change of view.

As I approached the new bridge I ran into the Tit flock and amongst them heard a not so familiar pchow. A few Long tailed passed by then target species and No 103 on the PC list flew across the road. Marsh Tit and only my third on the Carr. Record shot of nice glossy head attached. Tom had mentioned he had heard one the other day and I had only half believed him for which I now apologise.

I'm thinking of charging for parking or applying for Toll Road status. Plenty of folk arrived for a less than spectacular show of Shorteared Owls with two perched for half an hour not pleasing one tosser who wanted action photos and whistled to try and get the birds attention. I mean.......ever heard of field craft. Five birds eventually flew with three heading off north at high level and two hunting over the pond.

Easy Jet headed off in the other direction in a late burst of bright sunshine in which the birds steadfastly refused to perform.

This morning the sun rose in line with the bumpy road which runs east west. Equinox has been reached already on Prestwick Carr and the chill of winter is in the air but 4 Chiffchaffs, 9 Bullfinch, loads of Tits, Song Thrush, Kestrels, Buzzard but no Owls made for a pleasant early morning stroll.


  1. He obviously doesn't know about fieldcraft.....that's where y throw a brick, innit?? Tosser.

  2. I know what you mean about parking that bloody car in the front is always there !!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes and it will be there for another year assuming I can afford the petrol for the 100 yard drive!