Monday, 19 September 2011

Deer me

In between two sessions at Prestwick Carr yesterday I had to do my webs count on the Tyne. The count was uneventful other than a sharp soaking and the return of large flocks of Lapwing and Golden Plover. Kestrels are also in abundance here with this one perched on a vacant office development in Newburn Riverside Park.

Here countryside and urban industry collide with two deer grazing just yards from the business park on land allocated for future expansion. To get this shot I adjusted my focus point so the deer were the target but off centre.
After completing the count I charged batteries and joined the throng waiting for the owls to show. They did not disappoint and up to eight flew together although Crammy birder did point out that a Long eared could have sneaked in amongst them. I couldn't find it but it's a good point.
Lots of shots of birds in flight were taken before I returned home to food, red wine, X factor, Match of the day and bed.

This morning whilst trying to photograph a Migrant Hawker I couldn't get focus and checked to find the camera focus point was still set off centre. What a plonker. All last nights shots out of focus and look at the quality of the subject matter!!

Never mind there were plenty others who filled their boots. Check out Alan and Morgans photostreams.

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