Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Three of a kind

Following recent correspondence with the Durham owler I headed out tonight to check Prestwicks Carr wood. Not a bright place to be in a gale I thought but a Birch on the skull would be a pleasant relief on life. I returned, still alive to check the pond area and lo.........

Three shorties hiding from the gale. The first was normal coloured and very attentive staring me out for twenty minutes or so.

The second was the pale bird which demonstrates little of the facial ring associated with Short eared owls and didn't always seem keen on its sibling. ( I assume)

The third who sat very still other than preening was a very dark bird and downy almost certainly a juvenile. One lady in Prestwick is very pleased tognight having seen these on their perch but..........
it's not only Owls who enjoy the vole bonanza

Reynard got in on the act too chomping prey on two out of three pounces!


  1. Wonderful pictures. What would shorties do without fence posts to perch on?

  2. Well done Peter, to get those shots

  3. Yes some good shots, that pale bird is very unusual.