Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What a haliaetus

Ah the frustrations of patch birding. Having been out early in search of Owls yesterday I had a quick wash and brush up and commenced the toil. My concentration not being so good at the moment I started my third cup of coffee at 10.00 and checked Birdguides. The air became somewhat blue........Osprey Prestwick Carr 9.30. Fffff............

I know I can't stand out there all the time but this is the second I've missed this year and to compound the fact a client rang up about an hour later.

'Did you see the Osprey'

'No' (frustratedly)

'It was great. Flew down from Berwick Hill, up North Road quite low being mobbed then off over Coates School toward Darras'

'Nice. Just passing through on migration' (I consoled myself)

'Oh no. It's been around a few weeks'


Absolute despair then puzzlement at where it is feeding as there are no large lakes near here and most of the smaller lakes are pretty well watched. May have been hiding in Blagdon with Lord Ridley or possibly on a day trip from Hallington.

Anyway dear reader you are spared crappy pics of a distant Osprey so here's some of a juvenile Marsh Harrier.

It was hunting in the afternoon last weekend and gave some great views but the weather was on the turn and the deluge commenced (saving Englands cricketers from a humiliating defeat).

It therefore landed twenty meters from the hide in which Vee and myself were joined by GB and DM. Good views through the scope but too much ISO for decent shots although the noise on the top shot is actually rain.

Spectacular bird though and honoured to be given a show.

Just popping out to check the Buzzards for a whitish one.


  1. Peter,

    saw the Osprey on Birdguides and thought with it being 9.30 it was you reporting it. Mind you I still enjoyed looking at your Harrier pics probably as much as you enjoyed looking at my crap Osprey ones. LOL


  2. Caught up with my first autumn Osprey this afternoon on passage. Nice photos of the Marsh Harrier.