Sunday, 25 September 2011


Bolstered by finding five Goldcrest and two Pink footed Geese on my morning count I headed up the coast yesterday afternoon convinced I would stumble across a YBW or an even rarer warbler or goose but things at Hauxley were desperately quiet and Drurdige Pools slightly better but not exactly steaming. Leaving the Oddie hide I informed an arriving gent that things were dead and called into the south facing hide on the offchance of..........

the juvenile Marsh Harrier hunting yards in front of the hide. It hovered over one patch of ground and Snipe disappeared in all directions. Perhaps it's not quick enough yet for a game dinner. Anyway the horses didn't give a hoot about their field mate and its next choice of meal certainly wasn't for budge ing or hiding.

It settled down alongside the Heron and I felt guilty about telling the chap nowt was about so went and retrieved him from the other hide. A mate of local birder AG apparently.

The two Pink feet which I spent some time trying to change into Beans! Anyway, returned home via Chevington (50 Knot, 15 Ruff and countless Ducks and Geese) and Cresswell (no Snow or Bar heads) to the Carr where the sun was splitting the rocks. Out with the big lens and ..............joined the others waiting in time for the sun to go behind low cloud.

The Shorteareds performed quite well with six up in two groups of three at one stage but just the one grainy shot from the evening. Not to worry I'm still editing a list of ten from Thursday evening with which I will tease you later.

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