Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The tide waits not for man or bird

When a report of Pied Flycatcher at St Marys Island came through yesterday lunchtime tools were downed and I headed off in pursuit. I checked the wetland but no sign other than many Chiffchaffs and a few Speckled Wood butterflies. As I approached the causeway a crowd had gathered around a coatguard pick up and the inshore lifeboat made a circuit of the island. A couple stood at the other end of the causeway which was now fully under water and they were obviousy trapped. Whether this was an exercise or the coastguard just being kind and saving them a few hours wait, they docked and took them off the island back to sunny Shields.

The tide was still rising and some Turnstone gathered on a rock in front of the sea wall. Can you spot the colour ringed bird?

Here's a better view. Unusual ring combination with no BTO metal ring so possibly a foreigner.

Anyway the tide was relentless and one by one they were ousted from their rock.

Till the rock vanished beneath the waves.

Met Tim and Vee on the way back and observed a nice if distant Whinchat. Then home to the Carr where with AC, Dick and Gordon we watched multiple Owls perform. Cracking

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