Sunday, 18 September 2011

Quite a gathering

Not just of owls but of people. Last night we managed six Shortreared Owls, three Longeared Owls and thirty or more folk the breakdown being in the region of four bloggers, ten birders, ten aspiring photographers, four relatives of the above named and four passers by curious as to why we were all staring into a hedge.

The lady on the bike just asked the question and was immediately given a detailed location, views through the scope and a brief description of the relative habits of Long and Short eared owls. By the end she was quite delighted and rightly so as three of the Shorties started hunting. Her parter was less impressed, wanting to press on with the serious business of cycling (probably trying to get to the Diamond Inn before the sun went down) and waited up the road until eventually engulfed by the throng. We gave her back in the end. Oh yes and I'm the sad balding type on the right.

These pictures were all taken by Morgan S a man who has almost spent as much time at Prestwick Carr as me recently and consequently is capturing some fine images. Along with his son who he has trained as a spotter he occassionally returns home to Wallsend in order to pacify the missus with a trip to the pub. Sounds like a fine lifestyle to me. Oh and just one more thing Morgan. THANKS FOR SHOOTING MY BALD PATCH!!

Oh well winter is nearing and I will don the old cap to avoid further embarrasment. This morning with Alan, Howdon Blogger and Tom Tams we found one Long and three Short but getting good shots was a bit of a challenge for all of us.


  1. Bald Patch, what Bald Patch, all I can see is India 99s Landing Pad


    ps, glad I wasn't in the pic, I didn't have my hat on last night

  2. Peter, my picture of the LEO from this morning is on flickr. Was a good morning

    Pity we didn't get a pic of John on his backside



  3. It was a pleasure to be in the vicinity of some truly amazing birds, good company as well !