Monday, 26 September 2011

Pardon the noise

Out last night after Sunday lunch at the folks and joined by some thirty others all staring at three owls that remained steadfastly perched for most of the evening. By the time they started hunting most had departed.

These images are therefore more from Thursday. All have faults and taken at high film speed therefore lots of noise so probably best viewed at the size shown.

Such a sexy bird. I love so many bits of the plumage.

I'm looking at starting a blog just about owls joining the others who have. Check out this link owlerblognetwork.


  1. Noisy or not the images still capture the magic of these birds. Was not aware of the owling blog - most interesting

  2. Bit worried when I saw the blog title, thought it was going to be a post of you talking but was pleasantly suprised by the quality of the pictures even if taken at "high film speed"