Thursday, 29 September 2011

Standstill Crane!

Is the cry of all us Northerners who have just dipped the Sandhill Crane flying south and congrats to those who did see it . I am led to believe it was on the ground near the monument at Seaton Delaval briefly and photos were taken. My source, SPP missed it by twenty minutes and me by a good hour and a half.

For those without the benefit of Birdguides its progress to date
Newbiggin 9.16

Holywell 9.55

Whitley Bay 10.40

Cleadon 11.00

Hartlepool 12.17

South Gare 12.35 (tough luck Saltholme)

Redcar 12.45

By my limited mathematical skills I calculate a distance of around 45 miles (72.5km) taken on a slight arc as it follows the coast, in 3.5 hours. That's a sedate 13mph.

Even in my car I could have chased it!

PS Its still going. Skinningrove 13.41

PPS Kettleness Point 14.00

PPPS I calculate that it flew 170 miles almost due South from Loch of Strathbeg which at that speed is a 13 hour flight. Eat your heart out Richard Branson.

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  1. I forgot to look up. Was on St. Marys Island 10.30