Saturday, 17 September 2011

Branches, branches everywhere

and behind them cracking birds just sit and stare. Well actually in the hour or so I spent this morning they also dozed and preened feeling safe in their hawthorn enclosure.

Yes that's plural. Two birds next to each other discovered when I was out last night trying to find the Shorteared Owls for a visiting couple I found young tufty in the same place as Thursday and was banging on about how the bird behind it was a shorty when the lady pointed out it also had tufted ears. Cracking. Never did find a Shorty last night but this pale bird perched for a while nearby this morning.

Never can get close enough and hopefully M will have some better shots of all three owls.

V also paid a visit but not even a bigger lens can get past the tangle of growth.

There's nowt like warming yer lugs in the sunshine of a morning.

I got stalled watching these birds and never did complete my usual count but there was evident Skylark and Pipit movement with a large flock of about 100 Goldfinch still feeding on the thistles. Another shot was missed when they mobbed a Kestrel en masse. Never mind I can't complain at the fayre on offer despite the obstructions, but for the rain approaching I would still be there.


  1. Brilliant Peter, the thought was rattling around that it would be worth putting time in to scour the bushes for more.

  2. I've just been pointed at your blog, and am very impressed. I wish we had a few of these down our way Peter. We have to be content with the occasional winter visitor.

    Can I interest you in joining the recently set up Owlers' Blog Network? -

    Sorry to ask this via a comment on your blog - I couldn't find an e-mail link for you on your blog.

    All the best. Richard