Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Stint up the coast

On Saturday headed up to Cresswell for another year tick. The Little Stint showed well but never close enough for my lens. This female Stonechat with ankle bracelet was more obliging though.

Earlier spent some time in a stinky hide at Hauxley. The theory was that rotting seaweed would attract insects and thus at high tide lots of birds. One Redshank and five Dunlin was the grand total. A number of people visited the hide while I was there but all left in short order. I wonder if they thought the stink was me................probably was! IF had apparently found some Mandarin duck earlier in the day but Teal and Mallard was all I saw.

The holiday season clearly hasn't ended with father demonstrating how to watch birds from a hide.

Precious. He obviously hasn't yet encountered the dodgy shutter catch present in many of the local hides.

I of course ended up on patch enduring a rain shower, more midge bites and another bright spell before four SEO's appeared in quick succession. They posed for a while then started hunting. I got my usual pastel shots managing to fluff the best opportunity but man on a mission from Wallsend got some better results. Hope the wife enjoyed her beer.

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  1. Nice one Peter I am coming over later to try for some Bats !!!!