Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Looking back

As my car struggles through its MOT I've walked to Prestwick three times in the last two days. Not that thats a problem as I can do an owl check on the way past and I forgot to mention yesterdays mornings bonus was No 102 on the PC list being Ringed Plover flying east calling.

I also caught one Longeared out in the open but the shot was heavily backlit in the morning sunshine so I only got one half decent image and he still found a stick to hide behind

Also a nice Migrant Hawker out in the sun with autumnal backdrop.

And later on a sleepy owl likely fed up with all the attention. Last night after a limited show from four Shorteared Owls myself and five others had the pleasure of seeing one Longeared Owl drop down from his perch into the open and do the old circular head dance as he focused on six sets of bins before flying off to hunt. It was 7.45 and almost dark so no pic was possible.

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